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About Us

TradeCompete is a project generation company that is founded by an actual experienced contractor who has done all the usual stuff to generate customers and been frustrated by the process. I have been approached by every paper directory, online directory, and marketing company that all promise to put me on the first page, etc. All of it is very expensive and when the results don’t come in, it feels like money being thrown out the window. I know that there is always plenty of work because I am always being asked if I know of other specialized contractors that I can recommend. The problem has been in connecting the contractor and the homeowner.

So I built TradeCompete.com. Homeowners can post their projects, and qualified registered contractors can get easy access to all these projects. There is no membership fee and no up front costs. Contractors can sign up and choose just the projects that they want, that are right in their local area.

No more fliers, subscriptions, or expensive directories. Pay just for the actual contact information of these actual people. We even protect our contractors from bogus projects being posted (You can read about that in our Contractor FAQs).

Anyway, look around; don’t be afraid to register, because TradeCompete.com is only here to help connect real homeowners with great contractors.

Have a great day and remember TradeCompete Works For You.

Kevin Trout
Founder & CEO of TradeCompete.com